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From the artist:

"So many creative ideas have come my way while I've been on maternity leave. I can't wait to bring these ideas to life and share them with you! Lately I've been interested in focusing more on shape and color and taking baby steps toward abstraction. I'm interested in the way paint colors and brush strokes can tell a story along with - and eventually maybe in place of - subject matter. I hope you'll follow along as I lean more into the place where color and stroke can become the subject themselves.

Motherhood has changed my life in so many ways. I'm growing in my ability to be still and slow and appreciate the mundane - like when light spills across a countertop and makes something simple like a colander really beautiful. Previous works have featured some of this everyday kind of beauty but I hope to develop this quotidian storyline in upcoming collections."

Buy Katherine Knuth art in person!

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Becky Thatcher Designs in Glen Arbor, Michigan where you can view and purchase original artwork by Katherine Miller Knuth. The above peony paintings in antique gold frames are among a few dozen artworks you'll see when you visit. A few paintings are in a private viewing room in the back - just chat with the friendly sales associates and ask for a tour :)