New Lunaria collection debuting Monday, October 18 at 12pm EST
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The Lunaria Collection

This collection was inspired by the dried money plant or silver dollar plant (also known as lunaria which means "moon-like") that my grandmother, Florence Miller, kept around her home. After encountering dried money plant at our farmers market in Ann Arbor a few weeks ago, (I purchased some, of course!) I then noticed it in the cottage in the film "Dan in Real Life"... I started seeing it everywhere. It seemed a fitting and interesting subject as a theme for a collection of paintings, so here we are! It's been a sweet way to remember my grandmother, explore some abstract painting strategies, and think about the idea of dried or preserved things. Dried money plant is a shadow of its former glory, but its shriveled form has a beauty and new life of its own. 

Buy Katherine Knuth art in person!

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Becky Thatcher Designs in Glen Arbor, Michigan where you can view and purchase original artwork by Katherine Miller Knuth. The above peony paintings in antique gold frames are among a few dozen artworks you'll see when you visit. A few paintings are in a private viewing room in the back - just chat with the friendly sales associates and ask for a tour :)