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Hi! I’m Katherine Miller Knuth (prounced like a rowboat “canoe-th”). I am an artist living in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my husband, Robert, and our three children.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved creating. This passion took me to Wake Forest University where I studied painting and sculpture. During my senior year, I started selling my paintings to friends and a couple years after graduation, I decided to pursue painting full time. 

There’s a sunroom-turned-studio in our 100-year-old home where I paint almost all year long. But when summer rolls around, I pack up my studio with my family and head to my hometown of Leland, Michigan. Some wonderful combination of the 45th parallel sunlight, the pristine lakeshore and my childhood memories there are an endless source of inspiration. There’s a nostalgia and sentimentality I feel when painting that I hope translates into my artwork. One of my favorite artists, Brenda J. Clark, once described my art as having the colors of a memory. I hope my work can bring to mind one of your favorite memories.

Thank you for visiting! I wish I could hand you a cup of tea or glass of wine and chat with you about what your home looks like and what you love about art.

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Katherine's work highlights the beauty found in the mundane, celebrates slow living, and reflects a childlike sentimentality and nostalgia. Most paintings she creates are acrylic on wood panel and have bucolic subject matter including landscapes, seascapes, flowers and furniture. 


Photos by Dan Stewart Photography